The overall research goal of the Center for Craniofacial Regeneration (CCR) is to develop musculoskeletal and mineralized tissue engineering therapies for craniofacial, dental, and orthopedic applications. To achieve this goal, a major focus has been placed on the interface of material development and biology. This focus has contributed to the extensive breadth and depth of research projects and expertise of the faculty involved.

Research areas:

  • Biomechanics to restore and repair the mouth, face and skull
  • Biomineralization and its role in craniofacial regeneration
  • Craniosynostotis and its impact on physical and cognitive development
  • Cell biology and bone and dentin gene expression implications for craniofacial regeneration
  • Dentin enamel regeneration to restore enamel integrity and reduce pain
  • Gingival restoration for periodontal disease treatment through drawing regulatory T-cells to the gums
  • Novel delivery methods, including non-viral delivery method for genes and drug delivery
  • Scaffolds for better dental implant technology (resorbable metals, polymer gels, and extracellular matrix scaffolds)
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder therapies and novel tissue engineering techniques (ink jetting nanostructured materials, gene delivery therapies and stem cell applications)

To learn more about specific research projects, please visit the faculty laboratory pages listed in our directory.