Degree Options

Earn an Associate of Science or Bachelor’s Degree

The School of Dental Medicine offers 2 programs of study in dental hygiene. The two-year associate of science degree program provides the educational experiences to prepare the graduate for a career in dental hygiene.  Earning a bachelor’s degree extends the student’s education and provides the basis for other career options in health care, research and industry, among others.


Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene Program

The Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene Program is a two-year, six-term, 87 credit course of study that provides a broad range of education and experience.  This program provides comprehensive intra- and inter-professional education in the basic sciences, health sciences and clinical dental hygiene for men and women of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds.

Students in the Dental Hygiene Program provide dental hygiene services for patients of the School of Dental Medicine. Under the supervision of experienced faculty, students provide dental hygiene services such as oral prophylaxis, periodontal scaling, application of dental sealants and topical fluoride, patient education, and nutritional analysis. The team approach, joining the dental hygienist, dental students and or residents, is used to provide comprehensive dental care to patients.

It is an admissions' requirement that prospective applicants complete 15 hours of shadowing with a practicing dental hygienist prior to applying to the Program. Qualified interested applicants may request a shadow opportunity at the School of Dental Medicine with current students.


The University of Pittsburgh Dental Hygiene Program practices a rolling admissions policy which means that it does not hold to a specific deadline by which applicants must apply.  The program offers admission to qualified applicants on an ongoing basis until the class is full.  Please note that the program admits one class (36 students) per academic year beginning in the fall term.  Therefore, it is recommended highly that those seeking admission into the program apply early. 

Important Application Dates

  • November 1: Early admissions review for Fall Applicant Seminar
  • February : Admissions review for Spring Applicant Seminar

For details about the admissions process and requirements for the Dental Hygiene Associate of Science Degree Program, please see our Dental Hygiene Admissions Process Page


Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program

The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program in Dental Hygiene is designed for students who previously have completed a certificate or associate degree in dental hygiene from an accredited dental hygiene program. Advanced course offerings from the Dental Hygiene Program and College of General Studies prepare dental hygienists to meet the rapidly changing oral health care environment. This degree enhances already-completed professional training and provides important exposure to the liberal arts, giving dental hygienists additional career opportunities in business, sales, education, research and public health.
As a student in the Bachelor degree completion program, you may practice as a dental hygienist while completing the requirements of the program. Classes are available to full- or part-time students in the evening, weekends and on-line. External studies are also available to help you complete your studies. Class schedules may be tailored to accommodate work schedules. 

The Bachelor’s degree completion program options include a focus in one of the following upper level dental hygiene areas of study:

  • Health Care Management/Administration
  • Education
  • Research

To learn about required credits and courses please visit The University of Pittsburgh College of General Studies.

If you’d like to know more about the opportunities for continuing courses of study for dental hygiene, please visit the American Dental Hygiene Association.